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Playwright, St. John’s University professor lied about Port Authority theft, police charge.


YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: He’s written dozens of off-Broadway plays and worked closely with the legendary Tennessee Williams, and now Port Authority police claim a story that St. John’s University professor Larry Myers told them about two laptops stolen from a bus terminal was purely fiction, as well.

Myers was charged with falsely reporting a theft after police checked surveillance video and found that he wasn’t carrying a shoulder bag when he walked into the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan from 42nd Street on Monday.

The 65-year-old playwright, director and professor repeated the story after being asked to return on Tuesday and was charged, the authority’s Joseph Pentangelo said.

“When confronted with evidence that no theft had indeed occurred, he indicated that he ‘may have imagined” the whole thing,” Pentangelo said.

A Sept. 30 hearing date was set.



Myers, who lives on Commerce Street in Greenwich Village, has written plays performed not only in Manhattan but in San Francisco, Louisville, Anchorage and Edinburgh, among other locations. His work is frequently produced off Broadway in New York City.

He teaches speech and playwrighting at St. John’s Manhattan campus in Tribeca, online records show.

Using a device that he says Tennessee Williams taught him, Myers frequently drops famous names into play titles — among them, “The Sal Mineo Fan Club Comes to Order,” “A Valentine for Carole Lombard,” “Lincoln: The Man, the Car and the Tunnel,” “Thighs Like Tina Turner” and “Keith Harring Is My Idol”

The topics are quite serious, though — AIDS, cancer, alcoholism, teen-age suicide, for instance.

“They are about things happening now,” Myers once told the New York Times. “The playwright is an emotional detective, exploring phobias, obsessions, passions and dreams.”


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Date night

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